Community Spotlight: Brittany McDonough and All Day Breakfast

Yes, McDonald’s All Day Breakfast has been inevitable since the release of Big Daddy in 1999, but we wouldn’t have had to wait til 2015 to get it if it were easy. American Bocce Blog’s first Community Spotlight would proudly recognizes Brittany McDonough and her remarkable feat. She has been instrumental in bringing McDonald’s All Day Breakfast to the world. In all seriousness and without any exaggeration, Brittany (below, 2nd from the right) has given this generation its greatest gift.

Tonsil Bocce Team Photo

Basics: Originally from Naperville and moved down to Chicago two years ago. The moment I moved down here, I knew that I absolutely made the right decision. I’ve lived in Lakeview East and now currently live in Old Town with fellow Tonsil Bocce member, Hillary, and my 150 lbs. Great Dane, Odin. I love where I live because I am active in sports—volleyball, kickball, etc.—that take place either on the lake or in Lincoln Park, so you can’t get a better location. I hate moving so I’d prefer not to move a lot [laughs] but at the same time the best part about where you live downtown is exploring the neighborhood and finding hidden gems. For me, it’s either Chicago or go international. I’d love to get international work experience and experience different cultures. I vacationed in Europe for 15 days a few years ago and fell in love with it which is what really gave me that itch.

Bocce: Tonsil Bocce came together last year when Carolyn saw a tweet from WPBC and asked if I wanted to join and obviously I did since I like trying new things/places/neighborhoods and meeting new people. We’re kind of a hodgepodge group hailing from all over the place but living in Chicago now. We’ve all met each other through a friend of a friend  and just clicked. Carolyn is the unquestioned captain, but I do consider myself the most competitive on the team. I get made fun of a lot because I do not keep a good “poker face” when a bad toss is made (mine or otherwise). I’ve been told they can read it all over my face…still working on that…[laughs]

My favorite moment in bocce so far has been when we got WPBC for Secret Santa and gave them (among other gifts) a framed “family” picture of our team. Their expressions were priceless and that picture/moment still makes me laugh. Other favorite moments of mine are when Alex heckles me while reffing our games. He thinks I prosper with nonconstructive criticism [laughs]. I hate to admit it but it does kind of help—it makes me laugh, loosens me up AND I want to shut him up and prove him wrong. So, I do tend to do better after those comments [laughs].

Secret Santa

McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Story

I’ve been with McDonald’s for about six years and just this January became a Program Manager in Business Integration. Think of me as basically turning chaos into clarity—making sure we meet deadlines and people follow through on their shit. . At a work conference in Las Vegas the next month my boss approached me with a new my assignment, a little something called “All Day Breakfast”. The plan was to do a small test in San Diego in about 100 restaurants and that was about it. Little did I know that it would become the biggest initiative McDonald’s has had in 10 years. The San Diego test went so well and the customer response was overwhelmingly positive it made it impossible to ignore and not expand. From there we decided to move to a few different markets (clusters of restaurants) to get different consumer reads. They all proved to be very successful.

It was then that things started to move at 1000mph. I would be leading the team that is challenged with deploying a major initiative to almost 14,000 restaurants across the US and with very little experience in Program Management. No big deal. Luckily, I had no time to panic or fully grasp the situation I was about to get in. The holy shit moment for me was when we went live on Sept 1st and launched our social media pre-buzz. Sitting in the media hub at the office and seeing four large flat screens running real time tweets and responses from the public and seeing how excited they were. It was no longer a secret what I was working on and what was coming in October. One of my favorite quotes that came across was from E! Online—“The Internet has collectively agreed that McDonald’s #AllDayBreakfast is the best thing to happen to the human race since literally anything.” Flash forward eight months later and here we are—breakfast at any hour.

I think the best part of this experience was knowing that what I was working on would change the way people think and eat. Dan (Tonsil Bocce teammate) actually made a comment that made me laugh at bocce this week. “I can’t wait to tell my kids some day that back in my day, you couldn’t get an Egg McMuffin after 10:30am!” But he has a point! Future generations will never know what it’s like to be pissed when you wake up too late for McDonald’s breakfast or how disappointing it was when you get up to the front counter and have your Big Daddy moment.

Just to prove that no one is immune to the hot shots, here’s Brittany enjoying one of her very own:

Britt Post Hot Shot
Britt Pre Hot Shot

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