Bar Bocce Challenge Recap

Packed House

It was a packed house for the 2015 Bar Bocce Challenge between Heisler Hospitality and Land and Sea Dept at the Game Room in  the CAA Hotel.

Captains Roll-off

The tournament started with team captains Peter Gugni (Team Heisler) and Steph Krim (Team L&S) in a mano 1v1 roll-off. 

Team L&S

Team L&S rallies around Alicia B. as she grapples with the long court and dark room. There’s a smile on her face, though—I promise. 

Team Heisler

Team Heisler stayed together and showed composure as they jumped out to a big lead though the first 3 rounds.

Down the Lane

Team L&S got back in it with a huge victory in the 4v4. Depth proved to be the difference in the end and the final 12v12 game was won by the champions Team Heisler. 

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