Jingle Balls Holiday Bocce Party 2015

Holiday Party Flyer
The countdown clock is eeking inside of 168 hours til the ABC Jingle Balls Holiday Bocce Party. If you didn’t read the flyer I pasted to your screen up there, then here’s some dang-dirty deets.

Where: Chop Shop, of course.

And we’re putting four courts back there.

When: The upcoming Monday that is the 14th.

Official start time is 6.

What: A big ol’ holiday party for our bocce family that will feature:

Why: We miss you! You miss us! Happiness!

How: What do you mean, “How?”

How do you justify this? I’m not sure. Everyone is invited. The only part of this night that is in anyway exclusive is the cash tournament. Do we need to justify it? Just be about it.


Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. We’ve heard these words. We’ve read these words. We’ve even used them ourselves. But what do they mean? We’re all going to find out together at this party. If you post “@” us on 2/3, then you can send anyone in the room a hotshot. Go 3/3? We’ll buy ya a drink on top of the hot shot you give away. The top three posts will get some sweet, sweet ABC swag. You can do it leading up to the night (we’ll keep track) or on the spot (show us what’s what).

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