Jingle Balls Holiday Party Raffle Prizes

Jingle balls, jingle balls, jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to roll on a warm December day

It’s the day of the ball! American Bocce Company’s Jingle Balls Holiday Party is tonight at Chop Shop and is sponsored by our great friends at New Belgium Brewing.

We’re officially collecting Toys For Tots, so bring new and unwrapped toys (not tots!). Hot tip: there’s a particular need for toys aimed at two and younger as well as 10-13.

We’ve got a big ol’ tournament set up, extra courts on the side, secret santa, hot shots and a raffle raffle raffle. One last thing! There’s been a contest going all week that will continue on through the night. It goes a little something like this:

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. We’ve heard these words. We’ve read these words. We’ve even used them ourselves. But what do they mean? We’re all going to find out together at this party. If you post “@” us on 2/3, then you can send anyone in the room a hotshot. Go 3/3? We’ll buy ya a drink on top of the hot shot you give away. The top three posts will get some sweet, sweet ABC swag. You can do it leading up to the night (we’ll keep track) or on the spot (show us what’s what).

There’s already a few hot shot to be doled out and drinks to be bought. Get up on this.

Back to the raffle. What are the raffle prizes? Here’s a sneak peek:

Holiday Party Flyer

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