Referee Training Session

The ABC Chop Shop Spring II league on Tuesdays nights is kicking off on March 8th with a preseason week (6 – 10 PM). (Get registered for this league!) This allows for a longer registration window, free practice, extra prize give aways, and do some referee training. If you’ve ever felt like the only thing that could be more fun than playing bocce is being an ABC referee, here’s your (first) chance to get access to the fun. If you’ve simply felt like being an ABC referee could be a good time and nice gig, that’s cool too.


Fresh to the scene ABC referee Renee.

There will be three courts set up next Tuesday which means there will be plenty of open play to practice your game and referee skills. Like the game of bocce itself, the basics of reffing are pretty straightforward. Head out there with a solid handle on the rules and a tape measure and you’ll be fine most of the time. But there is plenty of nuance that needs mastering if you’re going to be a great referee. Throw in our stats and the demands of entertaining the players and you’ve got a lot going on.

Matt Stating with balanced cider

OG referee and lead referee trainer Matt.

Matt David will be the lead in the referee training. If you’re unfamiliar with him, he apologizes for not making an impression and will try harder next time. If you are familiar with Matt, then you know him to be knowledgable, generous, and direct-yet-affable. He’s also a friend to cash games, bitter liqueurs, and short fiction.

To get involved with the referee training portion of the evening, please contact Matt via email at (If you don’t want to email, then I guess you can get at us on social media, but don’t be a pill—just email the guy.) This will help him with planning and allow him to send you some advance materials to acquaint yourself with stating and basic procedures and practices for ABC referees.

Ppsssst…let me let you in on a secret: Becoming an ABC referee is the best first step to becoming an ABC League Manager.


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