Quick Rex at the Start of Summer

You’re cool.

If you’re reading this, then you probably play in one of our bocce leagues. (Click on this if you’re not in one of American Bocce Company’s social bocce leagues.) And if you play in a social bocce league, it seems safe to assume you like to take your entertainment a mile or two farther down the road then the average Jane or Joe. Quick Rex is here to give you a brief rundown of records, books, drinks, joints and activities to get hip to, pat yourself on the back for already being hip to, or consider but eventually disregard. That’s the introduction. On to the goods.


There have been five Can’t Miss records this year, events and releases so big that we all know of (and the music then delivered the goods): Blackstar, The Life of Pablo, Lemonade, A Moon Shaped Pool, and Coloring Book. If you’ve missed ’em, stop it and get it.


Windows open jams.

I’ll be blasting Ye, Bey and Chance all summer and alongside ’em will be Oakland MC Kamaiyah. She made waves in the Bay Area  with singles “How Does It Feel” and “Out the Bottle” and then hit the national stage when she dropped her first full length A Good Night in the Ghetto late this March. Those singles both bang on the record as do “I’m On” and “Fuck It Up.” Her sound harkens back to classic West Coast rap and most songs are about being a bad bitch and partying, so it makes for great sunny summer listening.


The freshest of the fresh.

Nichols Farm & Orchard in Marengo, IL has been supplying excellent fruits and vegetables to your favorite restaurants and farmer’s markets for decades. Recently I learned of their crop sharing program and am eagerly awaiting the abundance of the summer shares. It’s essentially a subscription service with weekly (or biweekly) drop-offs of the best and freshest produce that they harvest. The farm emphasizes variety and has 23 convenient pick-up locations in the city and a dozen or so in the suburbs. The summer subscription runs from the first week of June to the last week of October. Rates are prorated so there’s no last call on getting in, but that doesn’t mean you should dilly-dally.

sausage party

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg with the trailer of the summer.

I am a lot better about checking out trailers than I am getting to the theaters. I like scanning the Apple Trailers page because it is always full of surprises for me. The trailer for Sausage Party caused me to laugh like a lunatic while in the office and marvel at the perfect premise of the movie. The Walt Disney spoof ain’t bad either. Sausage Party hits the big screens on August 12th.


All summer long.

Before I go, have you had New Belgium’s summer beer Heavy Melon? Holy crushable. The Hell or High Watermelon from San Francisco’s 21st Amendment was in heavy rotation for me last summer, but Heavy Melon just swatted that ish aside. Drink one or more on their own o go crazy and pour it over ice with some Aperol for a bittersweet boozy treat. I’m on a new level.

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