Commissioner’s Corner: Monday Night Kickoff


This is what it’s all about.


Hot Shots in Their Bag

Craig Glover, Aaron Denning and Dan Brown. Dan, your team nominated you for that. Aaron and Craig—you know why! We love all of you so dearly that we will be pouring only the hottest of shots for you this week.


Trick Shots

Jason from Any Pallino is a Pal-o-mine-o. For those of you that don’t know, if you knock the pallino off of the court then it resets the entire frame. This is a rare occurrence and definitely not something that we encourage. Our dear Jason managed to pull this off TWICE. In one game!

All In the Name

Maybe Next Time. Just before the start of this season, Ballsagna 2.0 decided to change things up. Another thing that we don’t always recommend is a name change but boy did it seem to work for this squad. They went 2-0 to land a safe 3rd place spot. Can they keep it up?

This is not buzz advertising for a restaurant. These are ladies of bocce.

Our Ladies of Bocce

Joanie <3’s Bocce Ballers had a rough last season. It seems though with a little time off to regroup, a little alcohol and a few birthday cupcakes that these fine ladies got their groove back. I can’t wait to see what they pull off in this late night league of all stars.

Getting That Worm

There is some fun competition going on in the Earl E. Bird division this season. The OG teams are constantly talking smack and challenging each other to side match ups. The new kids on the block aren’t far behind, though. It is anyone’s league at this point and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the noobs makes a run for top dog.

Bocced and Sssssnakes, two of the many past champions in the Freaks in the Nite division.

Power Division

Freaks, freaks, freaks. Holy shit. We have never seen such an incredibly impressive group of players. Let me hit you with some fun facts:
  • 5.5 out of 12 teams are FORMER CHAMPS.
  • 6.5 if you include our consolation CHAMPS, Not Another Bocce Pun. Don’t underestimate these guys, they are well placed among you golden gods.
  • FOUR of the twelve squads have made it to the semi-finals. The remaining few have all made it to playoffs and have definitely proved themselves in money games.
  • THREE players have been crowned MVP and at least TWO have been runner’s up.

Bocce This Weekend

If you’ve got that bocce itch, then scratch it with us at Chicago Distilling Company tonight (Thursday, May 26th) or Beef and Barley tomorrow night (Friday, May 27th). We’ll be running open invitation tournaments for teams of four. Email to register or get more information. There’s also this event page for Friday night at Beef and Barley.


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