American Bocce Bike Examined

We love our Sheffield Bike Works made American Bocce Bike. Wait, that’s too exclusive. Everyone loves the American Bocce Bike. How could anyone resist?

abb 2

Ain’t she a beauty?

Sheffield Bike Works is Tim Sodko’s entrepreneurial endeavor based on resurrecting/refurbishing quality frames that just need a little love and new parts affixed to them. We did a deep dive into Sheffield Bike Works back in March while Tim was building the bike, but it’s high time we catch every body up on what he built for us. It’s dope.

Overall, the bike looks classic and clean with contemporary touches. That’s the first impression. The first details to catch the eye are the handcrafted front and rear crates. Made from recycled pallet wood, the front crate sports a bottle opener and the back crate is designed to perfectly fit a bocce ball set and a six-pack plus it has a built in scoreboard. Wait, there’s more: it easily clicks in and clicks out!

abb 5

Beers and bocce balls are the only way to travel.

The other eye-catcher is the sweet mustache handlebars with a killer red-tape wrap job. The handlebars are a call back to classic European city bikes, back to the times when bicycles were the way to get around town. The sweep back puts the rider in an upright position and the extra bend gives it a nice flair. By using bar end brake levers and hiding the brake cable with a full bar wrap, you’ve got a really clean, continuous flow look to the whole set up. It takes my breath away.

abb 6

Those handlebars look mighty fine. Can I crack a beer open for you?

These aesthetic flourishes are legit, but it’s the quality of the ride that makes the American Bocce Bike too legit to quit. It feels like a hot knife through butter as I cruise the streets on this bad boy. When I asked Tim how the bike could ride so smooth and coast so confidently, he laid an egg of knowledge on me that I will never forget: Sealed cartridge bearings make all the difference. Instead of the entry-level loose ball bearings in the headset, bottom bracket and wheel hubs, the American Bocce Bike is rocking sealed cartridges. Not only are they smoother out the box, but they keep the elements out and stay smooth for a long, long time.

abb 4

A fine eye for detail + quality parts = Sheffield Bike Works.

Sheffield Bike Works put together a superior bike for us and we are so pleased to ride it around and turn heads. From the thoughtfulness of the overall design to the quality of the ride, the bike exceeds all expectations. It’s Tim’s attention to detail that had him printing stencils of our logos and hand painting them onto the crates and custom nameplate. His integrity and commitment to quality is to thank for everything from the smooth ride to the stabilizer spring that helps anchor the front wheel when it’s carrying an awkward load (read: beer). Keep an eye on his projects and when you’re ready for a new bike, reach out to Sheffield Bike Works for a custom bike that won’t break the bank.

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