Monday Night Player + Team Moves

It seems like only a week since Mr. Boccedere rode out of Chop Shop with their first American Bocce Championship. Yet here we are at the edge of the pool ready to dive back into it like adult swim is over. And there have been a bevy of player moves between teams and a number of new teams joining us on Monday nights.

Bocce’s First Trade

A monster 2-for-1 trade was the first transaction on the league ticker. Consolation Bracket winners Just Danger sent the strong duo of John Brady and Garrett Pappas to Earl E. Bird Division winners Bocc’ Don’t Kill My Vibe in return for the formidable Keith Kofoed and then picked up Rachel Kaplan off of waivers.

John and Garrett have 5+ seasons of throwing bocce together from the same side of the court and they’ll be joining another consistent power duo of Lydia Willis and Ben Tudor. Positivity has always been a strength of Lydia’s teams and it has led to a number of great seasons and one championship. Expectations are that John and Garrett will continue that trend as the newly named 3 Beards and a Babe.

Keith is rejoining forces with Blake and Matt David after the three of them enjoyed a title winning campaign at the Home Courts on Crystal. The David’s are hoping that the chemistry will click again immediately and considering Matt and Keith have known each other for 25 years, that’s a pretty solid bet. This will be Rachel’s first season in a league at Chop Shop.

Epic Returns

The Bocce Ballers are back. The Briglio Sisters, Karl Haslwanter and Clay Houser have joined forces again. Karl’s run of 3 consecutive championships, eight finals appearances out of nine seasons and his first MVP award has made him undeniable to the Brigs. Can he keep the hot streak running? Clay is along for the ride.

Dana Schleyer and Nick Griffin had Scott Sanville step into a hard-to-fill fourth roster spot last season. They’ve kept that three together and have now added Alex Gara to the mix this time around. “I feel like we’re going to Lebron and Kyrie this league,” said Alex. Watch ESPN8 for developments and predictions.

Parson’s Pipeline

Three teams have moved inside from the Parson’s patio season. Hot Danglers is still led by the illustrious Eric Clarke and they’ll be looking to return to the form that saw them make three straight final appearances. Campari Party is full of familiar faces and put up an 11-1 season on the impossible to predict Parson’s courts. Finally, the Chop Shop staff has finally put a fresh new team together. The A/C will be welcome after a stretch of scorching hot Monday afternoons. We’ll be watching to see if these teams keep it cool in the Chop.


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