Play Bocce for Free

You should keep playing American Bocce but you should quit paying for it.

Don’t look at me or Matt.

Don’t you dare look at Alicia.

You should be be playing bocce for free and you should be getting your favorite bar, brewery, or brand to pony up for it!


This is Dick Trickle, but it could also be a version of yourself. Think about it.

Guyyyyssss, getting your team sponsored is not that hard. Allow me to explain:

First, you need to recognize your value within the community of sponsorships.

You are pioneers of a groundbreaking subculture in Chicago and beyond. You are trendsetters. And if you haven’t realized this yet, I’ll let you in on a secret, you are the IDEAL demographic for just about every business in Chicago. Retail wants you reppin’ their brand. Restaurants want you eating their food. Breweries want you drinking their beer. Beyond your natural charm and beauty, you are a part of a prevailing system that is restructuring the ways social sports companies exist. Did you know that less than one out of six players in other leagues actually consume alcohol as part of that league? You guys? More like each one consumes six alcohols.


Malortron should be sponsored and paid for by Jeppson’s Malort.

Sponsorships are definitely marathons, not races. A lot of times companies look beyond the immediate impact in sales and count on the psychological effects of attaching your favorite night of the week with their beer or their snack. They know that next time the whiskey list is limited you’ll find solace in a familiar face and order a round of Old Trusty 100 (great name for a whiskey, right?) for the table. If the afterparty host gets you in once and does it right, you’re booking your birthday party there later that year. And so on and so on. But guess what? We’re winning the race too!

Let’s talk numbers for a second (which means I have to get vague and coded). For our first year at one of our favorite venues we designated a tap to a certain brand. In that year, the venue bought 26 kegs of that beer and 32 additional cases. The next year we switched. In Year 2, the new brand sold 28 kegs and 44 additional cases. Our original guys? 0 and 0.


Ann Marie, Andy and Mike should be sponsored by Seafoam Blue (if that’s a thing).

Lastly, it’s good to know that we’re on your side. American Bocce is the embodiment of inclusion and just like we try to get to know each new player, we’re happy to get to know the bar on the back of your t-shirts. We have a tireless commitment to the community and even after 4 leagues in a row, we’re co-hosting book drives at Hopewell Brewing and street fests at Thalia Hall. We’re building cocktails with Chicago Distilling Co. and bocce courts with Saint Lou’s. You think I went down to Square Planet to record a podcast without splitting a sixer of New Belgium Heavy Melons with them? And do you have any idea how many bocce players visit Quartino, Charlatan and Bucks’?

Bottom line: get your team paid for and we’ve got your back. Why do I care about your budget so much? Well I figure if you save your hard earned dollars for money games, then it’s just more money in my pocket.


This guy loses money games.

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