Jingle Balls 2016


We’re in the holiday spirit now, bocce babes.

Get your team in and registered for the cash prize tournament ASAP, because it’s starting to fill up. Tournament buy-in is $100 and yes, that is for the full team. Tournament and prize structure will be determined when we know how many teams are participating. You trust us, though, so you know it’ll be fresh and fair af.

Bar and food will be handled via suggested donation, because we trust you all. Think kegs of beer, bottles of wine, booze and mixers in red solo cups. The food will be catered by people that know how to cook great food for 150+ people.

If you want to be a part of the fun, but don’t want to be in the tournament, then we got you. This is a Holiday Party and not just a holiday-themed bocce tournament. So, please come and bring your high, holiday spirit to the festive frivolity. We’ll get some time on the courts to play without the tournament stakes, but really we’ll find countless ways to christen our new event/office space.

Please do RSVP if you plan on being there, though. Do it on the Facebook event page and via email to matt@americanbocceco.com. Jingle Balls 2016 will be the holiday party of the season if you’re there for it. Don’t let everybody down by skipping it.

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