ABC Approved Last-Minute Gift Guide

Last minute gift guide from American Bocce Co! If you buy our products and pick it up this week (before Friday!) we will offer 20% off! Use promo code “PICKUP” when buying!

For your team captain who checks their stats every week and always knows which opponents to look out for:

3 year journal, $35



For your mom who makes the best banana bread in the world and always has the softest hands:

Green Tea Hand Cream (on sale!), $10.80


For your best friend who always talks about having a garden one day but is afraid they’ll kill all the plants:

Deco Wine Bottle Self Watering Plant, $21.98



For your friend who always makes hot toddy’s when it’s cold regardless of whether they are sick or not:

Chill Tea, $16


For your 5th teammate who travels every week but will always change their flight if it means a shot at playoffs:

Travel Bocce Set, $33.95


For your younger brother who skis every winter and can out drink you at every family holiday party (or so he thinks):

AB Beanie w/ Tassels, $15


For your older sister who has a million kids but will always answer the phone and send care packages for your birthday:

American Bocce Co. Pins by Pinroll Press, $11


For your roommate because let’s be honest, it’s really a gift for yourself:

“Our Lady of Bocce” Print, $30


For your bocce crush who always makes it to playoffs and never misses a bocce party:

Tickets to our NYE The Ball Drop Party, $45



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