NYE — The Ball Drop

Peace the fuck out, 2016.


American Bocce Company is ready to let The Ball Drop on 2017. In case you didn’t click that link, here we go dropping it again (it’s a link to the page where you buy the $45 ticket).

American Bocce Company spent the last 3 months of 2016 settling into our new home in the Design District, a super cool 3,000 square foot former factory turned office+event space known as @410Events. Now that this is home, it’s time to throw a house party.


Hopefully, you were at the Jingle Balls holiday party when we debuted the space. If so, here’s your chance to get back up in there. If you had to miss it, this is your chance to make it up. Or just party on with us for a Chill Year’s Eve at a low price with lots of fun. Just want to pop through as you swing about the city on NYE? We’ve got a ticket option for “Stopping by for a couple hours” party people.

This is all about the party. We’ll have the Loft Lounge decked out with chairs, tables and all the drinking game essentials. Speaking of, who else out there knows of the glorious game Beer Die? It’s the hard drinking, riotous cousin that bocce ball loves to hang out with but can only survive its company a couple times a year.

We’ll have bocce courts up and will organize easy-going tournaments, but the bocce play won’t be the tightly constructed affair that we’re best known for and will be more akin to our highly rated CA$H game shenanigans. No one will be shepherding you to a court when you’re not into it. You could feasibly go the whole night without throwing a single stone. I mean, I don’t recommend that, but you could.

Other fun stuffs:

  • One N64 projected onto a big ol wall and another N64 on a big TV. Mario Kart, Golden Eye, Mario Tennis and any other gem we (or you) dig up.
  • There’s a basketball hoop outside and you better believe we’ll be out there shooting hoops, playing H-O-R-S-E and posterizing pretenders.
  • Board games and card games in the ilk of Cards Against Humanity, Secret Hitler and Codenames.
  • We will handle the food and have some booze, but definitely treat this as a Bring Your Own Booze affair.


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