Branca Bar Bocce Nights

Branca Bar—the limited engagement pop up hotspot—is live. Wednesday the 8th was the first official night and the Branca Bar’s team kicked off their two month run with DJ Dave Mata on the decks, Dark Matter espresso shots+collaboration drinks, all the Fernet you can handle, and bocce ball by the only bocce name to know: American Bocce Co.


The ABC crew will be setting up a court every Wednesday from 8-11 PM. We’ll either be playing some straight up bocce or getting out the patented Target Mat to run carnival style games. It’s all in the name of tossing back (and out) great drinks, setting people up with that good good swag swag, introducing the game to new hands, and trying to win the happy contest. Look at the photos and try not to get excited. Then come see us Wednesday.


That’s that target mat. Think of it as bocce meets darts meets Boy Meets World.

Branca Bar is open Wednesday – Sunday, 6 PM – 2 AM. There’s a door at the Branca bottle basilisk on Milwaukee Avenue. Enter without fear. Never leave. There is absolutely no cost to play bocce.

Photo work courtesy of Jim Sisto, our media master. You should book him, but do not take him away from us.


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