Hall of Fame Inductions: The Second Class

The American Bocce Hall of Fame is a salute to the players with the highest winning percentages, the most accomplishments, and the consistency and longevity that has forever cemented them into the mythology of American Bocce’s early years.

In just over two years our player base grew from 20 to 200 to 2,000. When that number hits 20,000, its important to have a sacred place that honors the players who have molded our sport into what it is today.

Every six months, we will be unveiling new classes of Hall of Famers. Referees and League Managers are eligible to vote, and votes are weighted based on the level of involvement the voter has had with leagues.

As a guest on this week’s episode of Tossing Stones, our pal Jimmy Sisto made the formal announcements (so formal, so formal). It’s hilarious and worth the listen.

We now proudly present our Early 2017 Class:

The Players

Monica Siggelkov – Bocce Has a Great Personality


Monica makes it rain 

Dan Kaman – DMK


A gentleman and a tosser

Will Chrsytal – Dad’s Balls Matter


Happy as a clam and handsome as paint

John Vitale – Ballz Out


From the wall to the hall

Adam Michelman – “various Malort puns”


Form for days


The Ambassadors


Yes, Nick actually is an angel

Blake David

Rachel Kaplan

Kurt Pozsgay

Erica Bohac

Nick Myers

The Teams


Hate, hate, hate, hate

Player Haters Ball

Mr. Boccedere


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