FAQs: ABC, Blog & e’rything bocce

Website, Registration and League Questions

How many players are required for a team?

American Bocce Co. league games are 4-on-4. So, you need at least 4 players for a full team.

What if I want to sign up solo or as a pair?

Awesome! We’ve played bocce matchmaker many times. Find the league you want to join and select “Join as an Individual.” You’ll enter that league’s player pool and are available to be added to a team. Message your league manager and/or rollwithus@americanbocceco.com and we’ll work towards getting you on a team. If we can’t find you a team, we will reimburse your league dues.

What if I want to sign up more than the required four players?

That’s cool with us. Plenty of teams have done it. We recommend having your team captain pay in full ($260) as opposed to each player signing up for the league individually ($69/player). Scroll down for more information on getting onto your desired  team.

What if the league started and I just missed signing up? Am I outta luck?

Nope. We keep it open a week after the league start date. Go to the league you’d like to join and at the top of the red bar on the left you’ll see a button that says, “Join this league.” Click that and get the process started. This is also a useful button for those that want to join the team that their captain registered for them.

What is your rain/inclement weather policy for outdoor leagues?

A good rule of thumb to go by: Unless you hear from us, the games are on and we keep the games on until the raindrops/hailstones/frogs are actually falling.
The following has been our practice:
  • We will be there at least an hour before the first scheduled games and if the weather allows us to set up the courts, then we shall do so.
  • We’ll stick to the scheduled games under threatening skies and only stop if the rain becomes reality. If it’s a fine mist, we’ll ask the teams playing if they’re bothered by the fine mist.
  • If the rain is really real and certainly affecting the rest of the slate of games, then the rest of the day/night’s games will go on rain delay.
  • We will work to find the best way to make up the affected games so that no one misses out on any of the bocce they were expecting to play. Usually this means extending the season by a week, but there are other avenues.

What if we’re going to be short players for a league day/night?

First, let your league manager know. Next, check in on the website for players in your area that have made themselves available to substitute in for team that are short . Also, ask your friends that have shown interest in your badass bocce ball nights and see if they’d like to play. Finally, if all else fails, show up early for your games and start spreading the word within the players that are there. There’s a pretty good chance someone would like the chance at some extra practice. If you can’t find anyone, then you’ll just have to play the game with a handicap (generally 2 points per player short, but it may vary league-to-league).

What if we’re not going to be able to make it to a league day/night?

That’s a bummer, maaaann. Give the league manager as much of a heads up as possible. Ideally, let the league manager know right around the start of the season. Short of that, give the league manager a week or more notice and it is likely the schedule can be adjusted so that you won’t totally miss out on the games. If you give 24+ hour notice, then you may not be able to have the games made up, but that’s the only consequence. If you give no notice or notice within 24 hours of the league starting, you should expect to forfeit the games.

What if we’re running late?

Text the league manager and maybe they can do some last minute rescheduling. That’s your best move. Short of that, expect a penalty for being late to your game. It’ll vary league-to-league, but 2 points for every 5 minutes late is average.

Even if it’s just one of us running late?

Get on your court and have the game start on the side with two players. If the other side is ready to roll before your teammate(s) get there, then there will be the league standard penalty. If they get there first, then we’re all good.

How long are the games? How many games will my team play on a league day/night? How much time will I be devoting to bocce on a league day/night?

League games are played to 12 points or 25 minutes. Your team will play two games every regular season night. We do a really good job of having teams play either back-to-back games or have one game off between their two games. You’ll never have to spend more than two hours at the venue on a bocce night, but you’ll probably want to.

Do I have to have a team in a league to play bocce with American Bocce Company?

Nope, but that is the best way to play bocce with us consistently. We have a great events division that can be the primary entertainment of a team building outing, charity event, networking night, and general party-ness. Additionally, we hold one-off open invitation tournaments, regional tournaments, workshops, festivals, and do any number of crazy things we dream up. For more information, email alicia@americanbocceco.com.

Gameplay Questions

When can the ball that I throw hit the back wall?

If the ball you throw makes contact with any ball that’s on the court, then your thrown ball can hit the back wall. That’s it. Straight to the back wall and side wall to back wall throws are taken off court.

What’s the little ball called again?

Pallino, the Italian word for “cue/little ball.” It’s also referred to as the jack and little white ball. We prefer pallino.

I’m usually not good at games so why would bocce be any different?

It’s super simple to play and has plenty of nuance to keep it interesting. It’s highly social and not physically taxing. One can be competent at the game in short order and good at the game sooner than one might expect. It can be played with a beer, glass of wine, lemonade, etc. in hand and that’s tough to beat. Studies have shown that 95% of the population have roughly the same skill level when it comes to bocce.

How should I go about getting better at bocce ball?

Practice makes perfect and all that. Also, read the American Bocce Blog, namely the American Bocce Strategy entries.